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"In Search Of The Father Of All Penn(e)(y)f(e)athers"

Website Last Updated: 24th November 2014

Welcome to the Pennyfather, Pennefather, Pennyfeather Surname Study.

This study has been registered with The Surname Society at

All names on this website can be viewed by selecting the "Index" tab above.

The CiD reference in the index is the unique project reference assigned to the individual.

These can be explained as follows:

0xxx - appears in the England and Wales birth index

1xxx - first appears in the England and Wales marriage index

2xxx - first appears in the England and Wales death index

3xxx - only appears in the England parish records

AUxxxx - Australia

CAxxxx - Canada

IExxxx - Ireland

KNxxxx - St.Kitts & Nevis

USxxxx - United States

Other references are as defined in David Pennefather's "Pennefather History" document.

9xxx - not currently identified as being referenced in any of the above sources but being used as a temporary reference until moved to the above numbering schemes when more details known.


I would like to thank David Pennefather for his excellent ‘Pennefather History’ so much of what this website is based upon.

I would like to thank Dennis Pennyfather for his work on compiling Pennyfather trees within England.


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